Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poem for a hot summer's day

Love Story: A Heavenly Blend

by Ruth Friesen

I met you at the ice cream shop.
Me—dark and husky, slightly nutty.
You—rosy-checked and sweet.
Mr. Truffle introduced us
Said we were a perfect match.
You were shy
Too timid to resist under pressure.
I was used to standing on my own
Not sure I wanted a partner.
But he took us to a mixer.
"Just try it," he said.
Everyone who saw us together
"oohed" and "aahed"
And now I'm convinced.
My strength and your delicacy
Are a blend made in heaven.
Your seeds lure me.
Let's join forces
We two become one
And surprise the world with our own
Little bush of chocoraspberries.

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